Again and again, we're led up slippery slopes
Do the liberals think we are a bunch of mopes

Involved they are in a massive cover up
Makes me want chuck up my sup

The politicos have been there so long
They feel they can do no wrong

They've grown roots and seem very secure
But, then we voters have a cure

This past election showed the people are tired
And fed up with those in the swamp mired

The time has come for a decision
Make a change with a forward vision

Forget they cannot get regular employment
Their predicament fills us with enjoyment
November 1, 2017

Living in a fantasy land
Is okay on the one hand

If you're a kid it makes sense
But, otherwise, get off the fence

It seems so many would tear down
What works year in and year around

Socialism lives in a garage
Its premises are a mirage

Free people are the best solution
Keep us free to prevent a revolution
November 8, 2017

Enough time has passed
Nothing has been amassed

Day in, day out the same ole bullcrap
Don't get caught in their trap

How long must we endure
Ths fake and false leftist manure

It's time to wake up to reality
Put a stop to the calamity

It's way past time, put them on the run
Clean the swap, get it done
December 13, 2017

False news and lies not based on truth
Taste as bad as straight vermouth

It's time for the liberal media
To report the truth or face a stampedia

People are tired and fed up with false reporting
Most look at you and they're not supporting

Your liberal socialist ideology
Is really nothing but pure mythology

Remove the clouds from your brain
Break away from that unmanageable strain
November 10, 2017

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