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If one tactic doesn't work, the left changes direction. Another path with the same objective - overturn the 2016 election. With four investigations finding no collusion or obstruction it seems futile for the democrats and mass media to persist in using suspicius material in their comments and reporting. Instead of paying attention to the needs of America, they would rather tear it down - make America a third world county!

But the left's only concern is regaining power. Regaining power will allow them to continue putting the screws on the citizens instead of working for the benefit of their constituents. A good reason term limits should be imposed on members of congress.


The deep sate has existed for years. Most of the time the citizenry was not aware of its existense. Manipulation of the facts to fit the deep state's agenda was an ongoing process. Things will be done as the deep state desires or they will creat havoc on the opposition.

The liberal democrats have been a major force behind the deep state. When a democrat was in the white house all was peaceful Littl, if anything, was said when a crisis arose. Afterall it was in the deep state's best interest to often sweep the problem under the rug.

But, when a republican was elected the deep state put in motion various actions to hinder or remove the republican administration. What is interesting is with the current administration the deep state has been caught in so many lies, the people are beginning to see how the deep state has manipulated the government for so long.

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