The time has come for Americans to stand up against the globalist. The predecessors of the Trump administration were slowly but surely tearing the fabric of America apart.

Globalization destroys the foundation of America by sending jobs, etc. out of America. Action that would have eventually made America more like a third world country with high unemployment and extreme poverty.

If it hadn't been for Trump, the AMERICANIST, America would have continued on its downward spiral.

Trump, the AMERICANIST, is slowly but surely sewing the fabric of America back together. He is reinvigorating industry, re-negotiating trade agreements and following a conservative, America First, agenda.

We, as citizens need to become AMERICANIST, a person who favors America, its policies and places the interests of America first.
jtp 1/18/2020


For nearly three years the people have been subject to fake news reports that turn out to be outright lies. Even after multiple investigations that found no evidence of collusion or obstruction, the left continues to push the envelope.

Well, the appearance of the special counsel before two congressional committees put the final nail in the coffin. The special counsel's appearance was a disgrace. He new little to nothing of what was in the report that beared his name.

But, the left more than likely will continue searching for facts that are not there in their attempt to remove a duly elected president. The left's action are shameful

More and more people are fed up with hate mongering by the left. The left has yet to do something beneficial for the people...
jtp 1/13/2020


We live in a age of treachery. Trust has been thrown out the window. If the left continues pursuing its present course, America will be a third-world country far behind the rest of the civilized world.

Is this what you, as an American wish to leave your children and grand-children? Should you have doubts about the results of the socialist agenda, then check out the condition in Venezuela.

After that get out your history books and study the results of past socialist regimes. The only ones that hold on to power did so by crushing decent, imprisoning or killing the opposition and maintaining concentration camps.

If you still have doubts check out life in China, North Korea and other socialist countries..
jtp 1/13/2020


In the past it didn't matter which party a politician belonged to, they basically followed the same path. Make a promise, but don't worry people will probably forget what the promise was.

Well now we have a president who is keeping his promises, though the left tries to stop him.

They disparage him, they condemn him, but the can't stop him. Many in congress work against him.

When the president sees deplorable conditions he speaks out. The only reply the opposition comes up with is "he is a racist".

The truth is, the president is working for all the peole, not just a few of the elites.

It would be interesting to know where the government money, that was earmarked to help the desolate areas, went.

It sounds like a lot of hanky panky was involved in the handling of the funds.
jtp 5/20/2020


Politics today is like a trip through the jungle - you never know what dangers lie ahead. The liberal politicians and press present the populace with negative and suspect information as true facts.

Unfortunately, many people believe these lies without ever doubting they are being manipulated by the liberals. One must always check the facts, seek the truth and consider the source,
jtp 6/13/2019


The time has come for the middle of the road members of society to kick both extremes out of government - the left and the right!

Unless the people start to take back what has been usurped from them, the way of life in America will come to a screeching halt for which the common man will only have himself to blame.

What does it take for one to realize the extremes of the current Presidential hopefuls. What does it take before the people understand the position of these leftist is an unworkable system. The USSR collapsed because the system could not provide for the majority of the populace, unlike the U.S. where we provide for a great majority of the people.

No, the democratic system in American is not perfect, but until you show me something better, I will have to say it is the best available.

Communism does not work because the human animal, whether he likes it or not, thrives on competition and communism does not provide for a competitive society (that is unless you are stiving to be the leader)! And where do we place the liberal left on the scale between communism and democracy, right next to, if not on top of communism.

Where do we put the extreme right wingers on a chart of democracy and national socialism, right next to, if not on top of national socialism.

America must be tough and fair, not lean over backwards to please any small group that attempts to usurp the rights of all Americans. What does this mean, you ask. It means that no one individual is more worthy than another. It means all individuals have an equal chance to succeed. It means we do not hold down one group at the expense of another group.

And lastly, it means we consider history, but we do not accept responsiblity for things we had no control over (suppression of womens' rights and treatment of minorities are examples).

Do you understand America, there needs to be an uprising of the common man to make the politicians, liberal press and ivory tower intellectuals take notice of 'we the people,' which would lead to change in the manner in which they govern.

Originally written Saturday, March 22, 2008
And still hold true today!>


The liberal agenda is a system of destroying people's individuality with a system of follow the leader group think. If there is no change in the free world's educational systems there will be nothing left of the independent indvidual

There are a few things missing from today's educational system. Amoung them are free thinking, loyalty and morality.

Being able to think freely gives one independence and keeps ideas flowing.

A loyal individual is an asset to society and builds trust amoung others.

Morality is simply treating other human beings with respect and knowing right from wrong. To be of good moral character does not necesarily mean one has to be religious. It means treating each other with dignity and respect.


Don't be a spectator
Get involved with politics.

Only when the people get involved
Can we have a true democracy.


The past administrations were run by do-little politicians.

Do just enough to appease the voters and keep them off the politicians backs while the politicians do all they can to increase their and their families wealth.

Many were pawns of foreign governments, accepting kick backs to further the foreign governemtns agenda.

Little was done for the citizens of America.

These do-little politicians desemated the American workforce by not standing up against the foreign intrest and allowing companies to move to foreign lands all in the interest of greater profits.

If American citizens are unemploued who is going to have the money to purchase the goods produced by cheap foreign labor.

The current administration has a different view - fair and equitable trade on a level playing field.
jtp 9/13/2020


Everybody has locks. Locks on their doors, locks on their windows, locks on their cars, locks on their hearts. Are locks a sign of distrust or merely a way of saying this is mine, do not trespass?

Maybe today, locks are both a sign of distrust and ownership. But how long do we own, or shall we say, appear to own something? Land and houses are usually here a lot longer than humans. So you wonder, who, indeed owns the things we hold so dear?

They own themselves, we are only guardians for future generations. Let us take care we don't leave a nightmare.
jtp 11/21/2019


Border walls are a necessity to protect all Americans.

The speaker of the house and other members of congress are protected by walls.

So why is the left so against walls to protect all Americans?
jtp 6/21/2019

Is it possible for the two parties to work together for the benefit of American citizens and legal aliens? It appears not.

For the left it is nearly impossible to work with anyone whose ideas differ from their socialist agenda. After all utopia is what the socialist promise.

Trouble is the system has never worked and utopia is a myth. The only result is complete disruption of the democratic system.

One only has to study history to see the misconception and undeliverable promises of all the past and current soicalist systems!


The unbalanced presentation of ideas in the educational system, especially at the college level, leads to an unbalanced education. It gives students the wrong perspective on life.

Liberalism with its free this and free that known as socialism has never worked and will never work because individuals are not left to think for themselves.

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